Design and Development Capabilities

CAD Design & Drafting

Our staff are highly skilled in computer aided design programs. This enables the team to operate sophisticated plotting and cutting technologies that help streamline the manufacturing process.

Material Selection

The selection of material is critical in ensuring that a structure can withstand the stresses placed on it by the surrounding environment. Stanfast have experience in manufacturing shade structures out of all types of PVC materials. We actively work in with our clients, designers, and engineers to ensure the most suitable materials are used in your project.

Computerised Plotting and Cutting

We use industry-leading plotting and cutting technologies throughout our manufacturing processes. This ensures that your product is made to an exceptional standard; as efficiently as possible; on time; and to specifications.

PVC Welding

Our strengths in PVC welding have been evident ever since Stanfast (formerly Fairweather Canvas Company) was founded in 1965. Originally a company that manufactured the Stanfast annexe, our attention to detail has remained ever since, and is evident in all of the sail products we manufacture.